London. YO!

Mr white is back in Town  


Look, we got, we got an entire lab right here. Alright? How about you pick some of these chemicals and mix up stuff?!


65,000 ticket applications for ABQ in 9 months. Yeah Science bitch! We started in 2015 in London and then we went to Paris in summer. The city of love YO. 


French DEA (They are called le frogs or something. Strange) found us. Twice. For real. 

Rats I tell you. I smell rats.

So we went to Paris in summer. Yeah Bitch! The city of love YO. Did I say that before? Man the blue stuff is tight!

Now we are back in London with a better formula. More blue and pink and pop-corns. Why not?! 

Time to cook and get hi** with Skinny Peter and Badger. We cooked 60,000 cocktails in that RV. We need to cook a lot more after Mr White did that deal with the Mexicans. 

No, there ain't no skank or a cash point this time. Plus it ain't a bring your own sudo/booze this time. 

You will be working with W.W molecular techniques to cook cocktails and then YO, drink em. Acids, alcohol, sudo, load of highness and other stuff provided. 

Just book a station and enter the crystal ship,

The attention to detail is as mind-blowing as the taste...
— Timeout
...offers a pretty authentic experience.
— Mashable
Breaking Bad inspired pop-up was definitely a favourite this year
— The LDN Diaries

Wanna Cook?

£30 gets you 2 hours in the RV which includes cooking of 2 cocktails YO! + a welcome drink

Cooking sessions start between 5:30pm - 10pm. Tight


Book using the magnet widget below

or call 0203 4881 678 (Booking line open 10am - 5pm weekdays, representing the ABQ!)


455 Hackney Road, E29DY





Cooking Reservations

Book you cook below!


Private cooking/corporate stuff YO!

Mr White cooks for team building and some corporate stuff to yo! Like tight. 

For 11+ bookings or private hire of the RV, contact me (JP) at or call 0203 4881 678 - YO!


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